Unigloves Zero – Allergy Prevention Nitrile Gloves (Box 100)

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A unique combination of barrier protection, allergy prevention and comfort, Zero are the first glove produced free from chemical accelerators, zinc and sulphur compounds, making them better for you, better for your patients and better for the environment. Zero nitrile gloves have a super low modulus formulation which makes them more elastic than standard nitrile gloves, and much closer to the feel and comfort of natural latex.

Manufactured using Unigloves’ proprietary Advanced Manufacturing Process, Zero gloves are easy to don, comfortable in use and carry a reduced risk of allergic reactions, and have been certified to both Medical and PPE standards.

Free from Accelerators, Zinc and Sulphur

Today, most healthcare and industrial workers are highly aware of the risk of Type I allergies resulting from exposure to latex. Made of 100% nitrile, Zero AZS-free gloves contain no latex and are powder-free. Moreover, the complete absence of vulcanization accelerators including a 100% thiuram-free formulation significantly reduce the risk of Type IV allergies.

Low Modulus Formulation

A thin glove with a super low modulus formation, Zero provides latex-like comfort. ‘Thermo-elastic’ material that adapts to the shape of the hand ensures even more comfort. Chlorination of the inner surface of the glove facilitates donning, while the lack of powder considerably reduces the risk of skin abrasion. Micro-textured finger surfaces ensure a good grip on instruments. And the deep blue colour makes easy product identification possible.



Free from zinc, sulphur and acceleratorsZAS free formulation reduces risk of Type I and Type IV allergic reactions
Low modulus formulationLow modulus formulation closley mimics the elasticity and comfort of a latex glove which minimises hand fatigue but retains the other benefits of nitrile
Anti-static / EN1149 compliantAnti-static formulation suppresses static charge, preventing sparks
AQL 1.5Meets medical standards for pinholes
Free from latexSuitable for those with latex allergies (Type I sensitisation)
Free from powderReduces risks of latex allergies (Type I sensitisation) and minimises particulate contamination
Free from phthalatesSuitable for contact with food
Tested to EN1186Suitable for contact with all food types
AmbidextrousAmbidextrous fit means you don’t have to split a pair to replace a damaged glove
Manufactured using high-quality nitrileHigh-quality nitrile combines comfort with puncture and chemical resistance
Nitrile formulation conforms to the hand during useNitrile formulation conforms to the hand during use for a more confortable fit
Beaded cuffBeaded cuff provides extra strength during donning and helps prevent liquid roll back
Manufactured with textured fingertipsTextured fingertips provide improved grip, particularly when working in wet or oily conditions
Medium-weight constructionMedium-weight construction provides a balance of strength and sensitivity


  • Primary Industries
    Automotive Manufacturing and Aftermarket
    Food processing
    Life sciences
    Machinery and Equipment
    Manufacturing and Maintenance
  • Ideal Applications
    Blending, compounding materials
    Cleaning of equipment, tables and floors
    Filtration Process
    Laboratory Analysis
    Light assembly tasks
    Light chemical handling
    Light duty maintenance
    Paint shop
    Pharmaceutical manufacturing
    Sample taking and processing
    Transferring liquids and solids

Allergy Prevention

  • Latex-Free
  • Accelerator-Free
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Powder-Free

Product Details

  • Material
    Accelerator free nitrile
  • Colour
  • Design
  • Surface Texture
    Microroughened fingertips
  • Cuff Type
  • Cuff Length
    Standard (240 mm)
  • Freedom from Holes
    1.5 AQL
  • Cuff Thickness
    0.05 mm (2 mil)
  • Mid-Palm Thickness
    0.07 mm (3 mil)
  • Finger Tip Thickness
    0.10 mm (4 mil)
  • Average Weight
    3.8 g (medium weight)
  • Tested for use with Chemotherapy Drugs
  • Silicone Free
  • Sterile
  • Anti-static

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