Unigloves Pearl Nitrile Gloves (Box 100) – Opal

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Gloves don’t have to be blue or white.
Whether you are looking to colour code gloves for different applications, add a splash of colour to your workplace or simply put a smile on your patients face, we’ve got a colour to suit.

Opal Pearl

Opal Pearl gloves are a subtle lighter blue, a good match to blue medical uniforms and easy on the eye.

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• Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

• CE category III protective glove for complex risks

• CE class I examination glove

• Medical device class 1

• Excellent elasticity

• Especially suitable for applications which are visible to the public like catering, beauty and body art sector

• Dual labelling –> fulfilling medical requirements in the tattoo and piercing sector

• Skin friendly: free from phthalates/ softeners and allergenic latex proteins

• Tested and certified according to 1935/2004 – suitable for food contact

• AQL 1.5


Each Box Contains 100 gloves

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