How To Customise

With our intuitive design tool, its fast and easy to create a customised design of any of our products! Designs can contain an image or logo of your choice that can be uploaded via our website, and even text can be placed on the design which you have a choice as to whether you would like it printed or embroidered.

1. Select a Product To Customise

First select a product of your choice from our extensive range of customise-able products.


2. Design It

Next, use our powerful customisation tool to create your design exactly how you want it.


3. Place Your Order

Place your order, making sure to leave notes in your order describing any special requirements for the design, and to indicate which text (if any) you would like embroidered or printed.


4. Receive your Products

Your order will arrive with you in the post. Please note that we expect customised designs to be delivered within 7 to 10 working days.


Please note that all logos or images added to designs will be embroidered, and text will be embroidered or printed depending on your requirements that you must add to your order notes.

If there are not any notes submitted with your order, but you have included text on your design; we may call or email you to confirm the method of printing that suits you best, however we reserve the right to fulfil your order using the method we find most appropriate based on the design.