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Partner with Us, Your Trusted Industry Partner!

At SK Apparel, we're thrilled to extend our contract embroidery services to other businesses in the same industry. We value the importance of trust and collaboration within the industry. While some may have initial concerns about partnering with a fellow business, we want to assure you that our contract embroidery service is purposefully designed to be entirely separate and white-labelled for your peace of mind.


What Sets Us Apart:

  • White-Label Approach: Our contract embroidery service is entirely confidential and white-labelled, meaning we won't reveal our involvement to your customers. You can trust us to work discreetly in the background while you maintain full control over your customer relationships.

  • Strict Non-Compete Policy: We strictly adhere to a non-compete policy that ensures we will not approach or engage with any of your customers. Our focus is solely on providing top-notch embroidery services to support your business success.

  • Collaborative Partnership: We view businesses in the same industry as potential collaborators rather than competitors. By working together, we can mutually benefit, enhance our offerings, and contribute to the growth of both our enterprises.


Why Choose SK Apparel for Contract Embroidery:

  • Expertise and Quality: With over 10 years of experience in the embroidery industry, we offer unparalleled expertise and top-quality embroidery work.

  • Quick Turnaround: We understand the importance of timely service. Our streamlined processes ensure quick turnaround times without compromising on quality.

  • Customisation Options: From logo embroidery to intricate designs, we offer a wide range of customisation options to cater to your specific requirements.

  • Flexible Solutions: Whether you need a one-time order or ongoing contract embroidery services, we're flexible in meeting your demands.


Let's be your discreet supplier!

We invite you to consider us as your trusted partner for contract embroidery services. Together, we can create a successful collaboration that benefits both of our businesses without any concerns about customer poaching.

Feel free to reach out to us for further discussions or to explore our contract embroidery offerings. We're excited to start this journey with you and foster a fruitful partnership in the embroidery industry.

Looking forward to working together!


1. Small Logos / Text

Up to 5,000 Stitches @ £1.25

2. Large Embroidery

Over 5,001 Stitches @ 

£0.25p per 1,000 Stitches

The cost per thousand stitches over 5,400 stiches. e.g. an 9,300 stitch embroidery would be 9.3K @ 0.25p



  • Small Embroidery (up to 5K stitches) - £1.25
  • Large Embroidery - £0.25 per 1K stitches
  • Towels/Fleeces/High Piled Fabric Surcharge - £0.15p
  • Cap Surcharge - A small surcharge to embroidered caps - £0.50p
  • Individual Names or Job Title under another logo @ £2.00
  • Minimum Charge - A surcharge per complete order for any orders under 20 garments is £15.00



The cost to professionally create, digitise, test & digitally sample a new logo for embroidery.

  • Text Set Up - £10.00
  • Logo - Left Chest - £10.00
  • Logo - Left Chest & Back - £20.00
  • Logo Sampling - £8.00
    Re-sampling a .dst or .emb file you provide to embroidery, or if you require a pre-production sample 

Delivery/Lead Times

7 Working Days @ £7.95 per consignment (up to 25kg)

Completion and dispatch of your order within 7 working days.

5 Working Days + £50.00 per order

Completion and dispatch of your order within 5 working days. 

1-2 Working days - £ - POA

Please contact our team and we will provide you with a quote dependant on the quantity and complexity of the design.



Poly-Bagging Small item  -  £0.25p

Poly-bagging Large Item - £0.50p

Person Packing - £1.50 per person
We will sort your order and individual label and pack for specific people.